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"Heia! In den Bergen..."       

Tribute to E. Kalman Concert
UBC Symphony

Conductor Jonathan Girard

CBC Live

Entry Aria of Silva (excerpt) from
"Die Csárdásfürstin", E. Kalman

Lisa and Polina Duet      

Excerpt from the Dolce & Belcanto Concert 

Lisa - Melanie Krueger (soprano)
Polina - Elena Razlog (mezzo)

Pianist Irina Konstantinova

From "Queen of Spades",
P. Tchaikovsky

"Via resti servita..."       

Susanna and Marcelina Duet
"Le Nozze di Figaro", W. Mozart
Opera Gala, Vancouver

Susanna - Chandra Lee (soprano)

Marcelina - Elena Razlog (mezzo)

Come to See Me...

Russian Romance (Art Song)

Music: Vadim Bibergan

Lyrics: Anna Akhmatova

Translation: Elena Razlog

Piano: Irina Konstantinova


                        * * *

Come to see me or please, come and see…

Come to see me, alive, deeply wounded,
No one ever can warm up those hands,
"That's enough..." my lips quietly whispered. 

Every evening my armchair is placed
By the window, I am watching the roads…
Will I ever find strength to let go
And release bitter weight of my worries?


Nothing left on the Earth that I fear,
Even when I am grasping for air.
But one thing that still worries me at night:
Eyes of yours that I see when I'm dreaming …

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